Confiscated outbound to Hong Kong CX flight 902
in a package addressed to Imelda Marcos, carried onboard
by a Greek National. March 9, 1986

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Exclusive Photos of the Jewelry Collection of Imelda Marcos
The fabulous Roumeliotes collection.

Ruby necklace of Imelda Marcos
Ruby bead necklace with diamonds set in 18K yellow gold with lion heads set with diamonds. 14.5” llong.
imelda-marcos-greyperl- bracelet04
Bracelet with gray and black south sea pearls and diamonds on white gold. Smaller than actual size.
Ruby and diamond necklace and raw ruby brooch of Imelda Marcos
Christie's appraiser with ruby necklace Of Imelda Marcos
Ruby necklace with diamonds, from Van Cleef & Arpels and in center: brooch of raw rubies clusters surrounded by diamonds. Former Christie’s appraiser Russell Fogarty below, examining above right necklace.
emerald and diamond necklace -Jewels of  Imelda Marcos
Emerald and diamond bead necklace. #31
Diamond earrings of Imelda Marcos
above: The diamonds in these earrings were also so clear I think had they been dropped in a glass of water they might have become transparent...(now I think of this..darn.) item #11, approx. 14 each earring.
Emerald brooches of Imelda Marcos
This is how these emerald and diamond brooches came out of the vaults in suitcases. These are numbered #22 A thru C.
The shoes  of  Imelda Marcos at Marikina Shoe Museum
A collection of shoes owned by Former First Lady Imelda Marcos now housed at the Shoe Museum in Marikina.

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The photos on this site are from the private photo collection of Diana J. Limjoco. All rights reserved copyright 2005-2012

The photos on this site were given to Diana Limjoco as an exclusive photography session by PCGG as it’s measure then towards a transparent government in 1988. There are many more pieces NOT displayed on this site in Diana’s private photo collection- The Jewelry of Imelda Marcos.

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