Confiscated outbound to Hong Kong CX flight 902
in a package addressed to Imelda Marcos, carried onboard
by a Greek National. March 9, 1986

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This jewelry collection, called the Roumeloites, the most valuable of the seized jewelry of Imelda Marcos, contained pieces which caused audible gasps from those present, most notably 2 VP Appraisers for Christie's, and myself, who grew up surrounded by women who loved and wore fabulous pieces of fine jewelry. My first true love presented me with sets of fine jewelry to rival these. Even so, I have to say, that these extraordinary jewels of Imelda still bewitch my eyes. I present Imelda's fabulous and remarkable collection to you as your eye candy of the day.
Diamond necklace by Buccellati- 93 carats - Jewels of Imelda Marcos website.

Diamond necklace by Buccellati- 93 carats - Jewels of Imelda Marcos website. Diamond necklace by Italian designer Buccellati, 93 cts diamonds. Center diamond above US coin is 15 cts. Item #27b BOC inventory list.
Diana Limjoco
Diana Limjoco 2005
Imelda-wearing the Buccelatti necklace. Imelda Marcos with Diana Limjoco and Dave Dewbre
Imelda Marcos wearing the Buccelatti necklace displayed above. Diana and Dave Dewbre with Imelda Marcos at The Peninsula Hotel in Manila, May 29, 2008
Imelda Marcos with Diana Limjoco and Dave Dewbre
Presenting Imelda with a book I made of photos of her jewelry I took in 1986! She signed my copy and I signed hers. The book is called "Thoroughly Imeldific".
PCGG wanted one non-government photographer to document the collection, I was at the right place at the right time and had the proper credentials, and so I was there for the historic unveiling of these jewels. This site is just a tribute to history and jewels.

My own little slice of history. There you have it.


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Exclusive Photos of the Jewelry Collection of Imelda Marcos
The fabulous Roumeliotes collection.

By Bulgari-30.76 diamond bracelet of Imelda Marcos Jewels of Imelda Marcos -75 carats sea green emerald and diamond bib.of Imelda Marcos Jewels of Imelda Marcos -20 carat Emerald, ruby and diamond brooch. of Imelda Marcos
Jewels of Imelda Marcos -Diamond and ruby brooch of Imelda Marcos Jewels of Imelda Marcos -10 carat canary yellow diamond and huge south sea pearl pendant/brooch of Imelda Marcos. Jewels of Imelda Marcos -50 carat Ruby and diamond bracelet of Imelda Marcos.
Large pearl pendant of Imelda Marcos Christies appraiser with diamond necklace of Imelda Marcos-Jewels of Imelda Marcos Jewels of Imelda Marcos -Pearl and 10 carat diamond pendant.
Imelda Marcos’s famous 30.76 ct. diamond bangle bracelet from Bulgari, NY, with a price tag still on it of one Million U.S. Dollars in 1986
Imelda’s diamond choker with 15, 5 cts.each Colombian emeralds, 75 total cts. emeralds, and 50 cts total diamonds set in platinum. In need of repair. Item Piece #28a Bureau of Customs inventory list.
Emerald cabochon approx. 20 cts, with 2 cts.ruby cabochon, and diamonds in white gold. Item 22b, pg.3, customs list.
Heart shaped diamonds, with 4 rubies center set in white gold. Diamond 5 cts. each heart.
Imelda’s Ruby and Diamond bracelet with ten 5 cts. pigeon blood red rubies surrounded by smaller rubies and diamonds in yellow gold. 1.5 inches wide X 8” long Marked Van Cleef & Arpels, NY. Item# 36, page 5 PI customs list. In need of repair.
Large pearl pendant surrounded by diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds in a bow, inset into yellow gold.
Christie’s appraiser holding up a diamond necklace.
This piece was being examined by Christie’s François Curiel.
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The photos on this site are from the private photo collection of Diana J. Limjoco. All rights reserved copyright 2005-2012

The photos on this site were given to Diana Limjoco as an exclusive photography session by PCGG as it’s measure then towards a transparent government in 1988. There are many more pieces NOT displayed on this site in Diana’s private photo collection- The Jewelry of Imelda Marcos.

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