Shere Hite in 1974- Watergate Hotel- By Diana Limjoco

I took this of Shere Hite in 1974. She was still ridding the wave of her popular ďHite ReportĒ and was doing a speaking engagement I believe. This was in her suite at the Watergate Hotel in 1974. It captures her basking in the glow of her workís fulfillment and acknowledgement. She has her own website you can check out:

Scrapbook 1

actress Karen Black at home.

This was for a private family Christmas gathering with her parents in 1984.

Karen Black at home.

I took this of Karen Black at her home in Los Angeles in 1984. I think it was someoneís birthday but Iím not sure anymore.

Karens mom, Karen, Diana

This is at the same Christmas dinner in 1984. Thatís Karensímom, quite the looker too.

These are Karensí parents out visiting her in California- Christmas 1984

Karen has her own website. Check it out.

I met actress Karen Black in 1976 or so, in Los Angeles through a mutual friend named Tshura Beasly. At the time I wasnít much of a movie buff (strange but true) and I didnít know she was an actress for about half a year after making friends with her. We got along very well. Actually I have Karen to thank for my decision not to adopt a child or try to have one of my own. I helped her take care of Hunter, her son while she was out of a nanny for a week, and that cured me of wanting any of my own. Karen and her parents It made me realize I wasnít cut out to be a mom at that time in my life.  I think I was around 27 at the time, and my biological clock was ticking, which made me think I might want a child.  Thanks Karen!

Me and Karen in New York at a club. 1981

Diana and Karen in NYC- 1982
Lainie Kazan and Diana Limjoco

I ran into Lainie Kazan at Karenís party in L.A, where she definitely looked hot!. I met Lainie in  1971 through a gal who worked for Lainie and was a friend of mine.  I used to take photos of Jenny, her daughter for a while for her birthdays. I havenít seen Lainie since this photo was taken in 1984.

Lanie Kazan and friend Felix in Los Angeles.

Singers Robert Goulet and his then wife Carol Lawrence.  I met them through my better half at the time, Vince Naso who worked for Carol.  She and I never did get along. I think she was just so used to having Vincesí undivided attention, and he had it bad for me and vice versa.
Bob and Carol used to come over to our house for dinners early on... but we stopped that. Bob and Carol wound up getting a divorce and I havenít seen him since. The last time I saw Carol was when Vince was diagnosed with lung cancer at Kaiser hospital in Los Angeles and she managed to be pleasant then.

Her mother was a great cook and I still use her Date Nut Bread recipe and her stuffed artichoke recipe as well when I have the time.
Robert Goulet and Carol Lawrence

Carol Lawrence and Vince NasoThatís Carol Lawrence and Vince Naso in Hawaii in 1970, just before I met Vince. We lived together for 7 years and stayed good friends all of the rest of his life even though he later remarried. Vince was diagnosed with lung cancer a week before my husband Tony and I were going to go visit and stay with him in L.A. He died 10 days after the diagnosis and it reigns as one of the worst days of my life when his son Greg gave me the news.  I loved him all my life and he was one of the best friends I have ever had. I had my very own first home with Vince when I was 21. He taught me so much about myself, I wish I could have done the same for him. I came straight from being a total spoiled brat with household help to living with Vince, and doing everything myself with his tutelage.  I had never done my own laundry or cooked much other than scrambled eggs.  He taught me everything about keeping a house and I learned how to cook while living with him, and quite well I might add. I think I will miss him all the rest of my life.

When I moved in with him without marrying him, my father wouldnít talk to me for over a year.  It simply wasnít done where we were from.  But I had fallen in love at 16. The most amazing love story turned sour when I found out the love of my life wasnít really divorced as he said he was. It turned me off marriage and so I refused to marry Vince, thinking he would leave me anyway.  Well, I wound up leaving him. Not for someone else, but our lives had simply taken different turns. The irony is that he helped me find myself, and that self couldnít live the life we started together. I am grateful that before Vince died his son Tim gave us a private moment together and I was able to thank Vince for all the things I learned about life from him. Thatís the only consolation I have from that experience. That and the fact that his family still remain my extended family.  His son Gregory and I are close as well as his nieces and a brother and sister-in-law who are still around.

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