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Tony and I had the opportunity to photograph a cache of jewelry seized by Philippine customs from a Greek National boarding a flight to Hong Kong, just two weeks after the Marcosí fled the Philippines bound for Hawaii.  When asked to whom they belonged he confessed they were the property of then First Lady Imelda Marcos. We photographed them two years later in 1988 with the permission of the Presidential Commission on Good Government in a secure office at Bangko Sentral de Pilipinas.

In any case, I got the best end of the deal. I get to look at these objects whenever I want to at the
site I made for them. And I donít have to pay insurance on them either.

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This is a more recent photo of me. Oh ya! When I turned 49, three years ago now, I felt as though I had finally grown into my own skin. I felt totally occupied in every cell and DNA strand. I felt the world was my oyster, every second was something to savor. Suddenly I had more energy than I had avenues to disperse it.  Every cell from my toes to the tip of my head felt as though champagne bubbles were coursing through them, and I was exhilarated and joyful.

I had found myself and my inner joy at last. I donít know that there is any way to tell someone and have them really understand. And the great thing is that it canít matter.

Truth is, I suppose Iím as disturbed as any human out there and I have my own bouts with depression, but at the core of it all is an inner sanctum wherein only myself and this thing called God, come together in undconditional love and utter peace. Yes of course my monkey brain is ever yammering away about the mundane things in life, the necessary things to occupy this part of my brain.  Itís its job.  I let it do its thing and I go about my own inner musings.

Fact is, this is what I am, an organic computer, with a soul. I am no longer searching for paradise because just breathing is paradise really.

Recently the new President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said we needed a new ďmoralĒ politician. But I say we need a more PRINCIPLED people. We need to use in every day lives basic principles of honesty and plain human decency. We need to ďjust say noĒ to those avaricious and unjust situations. And know that by applying these principles daily, change WILL come.

A more disicplined public will see and benefit from each persons sacrifice to integrity and kindness in the new avenues of abundance from the equality of proper dispersal of public services.When people learn that each individualís proper actions DO make a difference then the world will change.  Until then.  Iíll stick to what I can do on my own.  Each day, I will just do one thing that makes a difference outside myself as my own contribution tto life. Wow.. Iím on a tangent again.

Winter of 1997

Taken in the winter of 1997 during a light snow storm on our porch at the Japanese style outbuilding.

Upper left photo of me taken by Tony Karcynsky (c) 1997

Photo of necklace (c) Diana J. Limjoco 2001

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