November 7, 2008
Most Inspiring Batangueño Entrepreneur
- Special Award from GoNegosyo to Diana Limjoco (Pollard) for establishing as the online portal that showcase the beauty of the province and its people, thus helping promote tourism in the province and for pushing for online entrepreneurship through the creation of websites born out of skill, talent and hard work. Her success has proven the Batangueño's ability to utilize their innate sense of resourcefulness, determination and enthusiasm in developing profitable entrepreneurial ventures that uplift lives and contribute towards economic development. Signed by Jose Ma A. Concepcion III and Governor Vilma Santos Recto Given on the 7th day of November 2008

Special Award to Diana Limjoco, Signed by Jose Ma A. Concepcion and Governor Vilma Santos Recto
Congressman Nicanor Brionnes, Batangas province Governor Hon. Vilma Santos-Recto with Diana Limjoco

Ms. Diana Limjoco-Pollard Most inspiring Batangueño Entrepreneur Certificate"I want to give credit to my own mentors, Dennis Patterson who forced me into learning web design and Photoshop. And to my first cousin Joel Limjoco Pastor who allowed me to put up all the sites I wanted, such as, our clan site for several years, until my company acquired its own dedicated web servers! to Dennis and cousin Joel, thanks so much!" - Diana J. Limjoco

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November 5, 2008
Diana Limjoco has won Most Inspiring Entrepreneur for Micro Business for the Province of Batangas, award will be given by Governor Vilma Santos and Mayor Dimacuha at the Batangas Provincial auditorium on Nov. 7th, 2008.  Sponsored by  here is a little about the organization

Online entrepreneur Diana Limjoco-Pollard was just learning how to make websites in 1998. She started with the website as a form of public service to her home province. Since that start, she has kept the website running. serves to showcase the beauty of Batangas and its people.

Diana is a Filipina American who was raised in the city of Batangas. The Limjoco family and clan is deeply-rooted and well-known in the province of Batangas. Diana's values were also formed by the Batangas culture through her parents and ancestors.

As she developed her skills in website-development, Diana continued to construct multiple websites which she manages and maintains. She has established an online entrepreneurship that was born out of a combination of skills, talents and willingness to work with others in making a successful business over the internet.

Diana, together with her partner and husband Dave Dewbre, has also established Digital Web Group Inc, a corporation of well researched and marketable products, innovative technology, and a flexible work environment. Digital Web Group is now in the process of establishing partnership with a Filipino entrepreneur who sells environment-friendly Electric motor bikes.

At present, she has recently started , which features different entrepreneurs. As part of her public service, aside from, she also runs a website for Subic.

Diana considers herself as a late bloomer in engaging into her chosen field of business. She started being an online entrepreneur when she was in her 50's. At 60, she is going strong, radiant, and successful in her business endeavors. Thankful for her blessings, she would also like to mentor other potential entrepreneurs.

This entrepreneur is also currently in the process of creating a mentor program for the Digital Web Group. Diana plans to pave the way for young entrepreneurs online.

As a successful online entrepreneur, she has some tips for the young and aspiring: "The best advice I can give is not to give up, to believe in what you are doing. If you can make money doing something you love, all the better. Get the right team together, in which you do not have to micromanage to help with your growth. The idea of "if you want something done right, do it yourself" is perhaps for carpenters, not for trying to grow a sustainable business venture that will last beyond you. If you create an organization and it folds after you are gone, then you have failed to empower people to carry on after you, which is of course my goal in all things I do."

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